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Career Growth Reading Resources

Published: at 06:40 PM

engineers-learn-to-negotiate.jpg Photo by freddie marriage on Unsplash

Soft Skills, Career Development Skills, Communication Skills, Collaboration Skills and many many other synonyms. We all heard of these type of skills that nowadays are essential for growing in our careers. As engineers, in nowadays markets, technical qualities is no longer enough, we need to work with people, manage ourselves and our work and also set expectations for other people working with us. We need to be able to communicate effectively and collaborate perfectly. Here is a good article on why these skills are super important in today’s job market.

If you went to grad school or a code camp, or even learnt programming yourself by taking online courses, none of these will teach you about these type of skills. No grad school will have a required course on growth skills to pass in order to graduate.

When people ask me the most important skill I can learn to become better at my job and get promotions, I always tell them: The art of communication and human interaction.

So, how can we learn these? Or even, Are these skills teachable and learnable?

The answer is, YES.

There are many ways to learn these skills and practice them at your job, over time you get better and better at them. So here I wanted to share some resources I used to understand these skills and apply them in my career:

Good Books

If you have time for only one book, then read this:

For going more deep into growth skills, here are more books to consider: